Cyber Essentials Plus

Cyber Essentials Plus covers the same controls as Cyber Essentials, but will be independently verified by a site visit from our expert assessor.

They will carry out a thorough network vulnerability scan of all devices and certify your security arrangements to Cyber Essentials Plus level.

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Protecting your data is paramount in order to maintain your business’s reputation

Peace of Mind

Have your technical security arrangements verified by our expert assessor

Demonstrate your dedication

Go above and beyond to indicate to your clients and other businesses that work with you that they can rely on you to protect their data.

Attract New Business

Most businesses that pass Cyber Essentials will also pass Cyber Essentials Plus. Use this to gain an advantage over your competitors.

Getting certified is quick & easy

1. Get Started

Our expert team will guide you by sending documentation which you can use to prepare yourselves for the online assessment.

2. Complete Questionnaire

You will log in to the online portal and complete your self-assessment questionnaire. One of our consultants will be at hand, if you need any help. When you’re ready, submit your answers for marking by our assessor.

3. Site Visit

One of our assessors will visit your office to complete an audit of your self-assessment questionnaire. They will also conduct a vulnerability scan of your network and externally facing services

4. Get Certified

Once you have passed, your firm will officially be Cyber Essentials Plus certified and you can publish the badge on your website. You can then take advantage of our Free Cyber Insurance up to the value of £25k!

The threat to your business is real

“6.2 million records breached everyday”

The breach Level Index

Why choose us?

We help you to get there quicker, easier and with less stress. We work with your business to ensure that certification works for you.


Well Respected

We understand what makes business tick. We’ve certified many businesses just like yours and have experience with all different infrastructure setups.


Guaranteed Pass

Our technical audit & gap analysis means that if our advice is followed we will en-sure a guaranteed pass


Clear & to the point

Our pricing structure is clear and transparent & our reports avoid unnecessary jargon  to make them accessible to any stakeholder in your firm


Get certified today

The threat to your business is REAL. Can you afford to do nothing?
Start today and get certified in as little as 48 hours