Dark Web Monitoring
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The dark web is used by organised crime gangs to trade stolen credentials and other data that may be used in a cyber attack against your firm.


It is essential for any size business to monitor their information on the dark web. 


The Dark Web

Today, data breaches are more common than ever, and any size business could be vulnerable to an attack. Once criminals have data from your business, it can end up for sale on the dark web, and often without your knowledge. By using Dark Web Monitoring, you will be alerted immediately if any of your personal information is found on the dark web, allowing you to take further action.

Dark Web Monitoring Service

At Today’s Cyber Security we can take a list of your internal emails and monitor them for sale on the dark web, alerting you immediately if any data is found. We offer a range of security packages allowing you to protect your company to your desired level. Our Stepping Stone and Full Journey Packages include dark web monitoring as well as many other security features


Start monitoring your data

Our packages are paid for monthly using an online gateway; it couldn’t be simpler. We can offer you the essential protection your company needs no matter its size, ensuring the security of your important data. The dark web can be a serious threat to businesses, however with a security package, you can monitor your personal information and rest assured that you’re protected.

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