Phishing Email Testing

Recent studies show that up to 90% of cyber attacks start with an email.

Around 92% of all uk businesses depend on emails. Emails use your domain and brand which in turn is your reputation.


It is essential for a business of any size to be aware of the threat of phishing emails. 


Phishing Email Testing

Phishing is large threat to the security of any business. An email that may look legitimate could be from a fraudster imitating a reputable organisation or person. If an unaware employee were to follow a link from this email, they could be sent malware, leading to personal information being stolen. To prevent this, a phishing simulation tool can be used to ensure that staff can identify harmful emails, before it’s too late.  

Phishing Email Training

We can help make sure that your employees know how to recognise and report potential threats. Our phishing email test can be specifically tailored to your business, even impersonating your own email address, and sent out to your staff. We will then provide you with a report detailing the outcome, which can inform you as to whether your staff need further training in cybersecurity.  


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We offer a range of security packages allowing you to protect your company to your desired level. Our Stepping Stone and Full Journey Packages include phishing security tests, as well as many other security features. Our packages are paid for monthly using an online gateway; it couldn’t be simpler. We can offer you the essential protection your company needs no matter its size, ensuring the security of your important data. 

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The threat to your business is REAL. Can you afford to do nothing